Developer Update

Hello Everyone!

I am Yoso, the main developer and director of Code Zero, the game’s development progress is still at the start and it is going very smoothly. It is still in it’s Pre-Alpha stage with only the prolouge done, the game will have 11 episodes total excluding the prologue and epilogue, and wether the game will be released in episode or not is still unknown.

In case you don’t know, this game, in a way, is a sequel to another game to be released soon, which is a persona fan game. Now you don’t have to play the prequel game in order to understand this game as it is mostly a persona fan game and only adds a few events (that is unrelated to persona)  as a backstory to this game.  The fan game is called  New Hope.

Now, don’t compare this game to the fan game as both are made on different scales,  with Code Zero being made on a very big and different scales as the story is original with all characters being original with original sprites.

This is just the first devlog out of many to come in the future,  so I hope this gives you more information about the progress of this games.

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